Special Movement Indicator

Let us now discuss one important functionality called special movement indicator.

Function of the Special Movement Indicator

The main purpose of the special movement indicator is to deal with selected materials differently from the majority of materials during put away, stock removal, or stock transfer.

For reference a special movement indicator is setup as below

Defining and Assigning a Special Movement Indicator

1. To define a new special movement indicator, in Customizing, choose Logistics Execution → Warehouse Management → Master Data → Material →Define Special Movement Indicators and then choose New Entries. Add a corresponding entry for your warehouse number in the table.

2. Assign the special movement indicator to a material master record. To do this, call the Warehouse Management 1 view of the relevant material in your warehouse number by choosing Logistics → Logistics Execution →Master Data → Material → Material → Change → Immediately. The Special movement field is in the Storage strategies section of this view.

3. Finally, create an entry for your special movement indicator in the table that links the reference movement types with Warehouse Management movement types. Choose Logistics Execution → Warehouse Management → Interfaces → Inventory Management → Define Movement Types in Customizing. Choose LE-WM Interface to Inventory Management and then choose New Entries. As the table key, enter your warehouse number, the required reference movement type, the appropriate movement indicator (where appropriate), and the newly defined special movement indicator.

Assign the Warehouse Management movement type of your choice and other control indicators (for immediate transfer order creation, for example).

Practice the example demonstrated in the session.Use a different material if required.