About SAP Training School.

SAP is the number one leading ERP solution throughout the world. As such, it is the desired technology of choice for many want-to-be /existing professionals.But still many thousands of people haven’t been able to take that first step into the world of SAP or upgrade their skills therein because the training available either isn't readily accessible or because it is priced out of reach.
'SAP Training School' is my endeavor since 2014 to bring knowledge and skills required to be a professional SAP Consultant in logistics domain, to anyone who wants to consider acquiring this knowledge for better professional opportunities in this field.
This website is not affiliated with, sponsored by, or approved by SAP SE . I am the original creator of the video training courses that are hosted on this site. The content and concepts explained in my video training courses are solely mine based on my experience as a consultant working in the supply chain area. All the contents in the video training courses and on this site are protected under copyright laws. I have not given any rights or authorization to any other entity or individual to share or sell my courses either commercially or non commercially. My video training courses are available exclusively on my site www.saptrainingschool.com only. I hope these courses help you in achieving your professional goals.


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